Shaelyn Shawl: Reconstructed

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Day / Date / Time: Tuesday, 1/8& 1/15; 7:00PM
Yarn / Amounts: 432 yd each of 2 colors.
Needle: US6 - 16" or needles for gauge
Other: Knitter's Tool Kit

Have you been looking for a rectangular wrap, but only find triangular ones you like? Learn how to rewrite a triangular pattern into one! We'll learn how to rewrite the Shaelyn pattern into a wrap. A bonus to this class - - does it bother you when your creation that had a wavy cast on edge (chevron/feather and fan) ends up being flat on the bind off side? There's a solution and that will be covered in this class as well. Take what you've learned here and make the Shaelyn as a wrap or apply it and the cast off to another pattern.

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