Knitting for Inner Peace

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Class times/dates:

Starting Thursday, April 16th
4 weeks, 1 hour/class

Class 1 - 11am-12pm
Class 2 - 7pm-8pm

Via ZOOM (you can get a free Zoom account at

Class size limit: 10 per class

We are going through a truly challenging time, and it's hard to not feel the stress of a global event. As a knitter, you have the tools to help you right there in your house! Please join us in one of the two "Knitting for Inner Peace" classes that we are offering.

Learn how knitting works magic for stress management, meditation, and generally getting your head together. Bring whatever you are working on to knit while we talk together about the positive health aspects of knitting. You’ll be introduced to conceptual knitting, where you will learn a great way to heal, to de-stress, and to create something beautiful to wear - FOR YOURSELF! - in the process.

This is not a technique class, and it is appropriate for all knitters with even a basic ability to knit. You will work on a Mood Scarf between the classes. We will focus on dealing with all of the “stuff” we are going through doing this pandemic, and how to utilize this amazing skill you have to help you through it. These are not counseling or therapy sessions.

You will need to have a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop that has a camera (this will work best for you from your computer, laptop or tablet).

We are all in this together!


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