The Yarn Stop 2019-2020 Sweater Challenge

The Yarn Stop 2019-2020 Sweater Challenge

Welcome to the The Yarn Stop’s 2019-2020 Sweater Challenge.

In keeping with our goal of challenging makers to increase their skills and to try new things, we are challenging one and all to make sweaters.


Rules (download a printable copy by clicking here):


  • Makers must select 3-sweater or 5-sweater challenge when they begin. They may upgrade from 3 to 5 when they have completed 3 sweaters but may not downgrade from 5 to 3. Makers who upgrade forfeit the 3-sweater completion gift but will be eligible to earn the 5-sweater gift.
  • Only 1 (3-challenge) or 2 (5-challenge) sweater(s) may be infant/toddler/child size. All others must be adult sized.
  • Ravelry pattern classifications will be used to confirm that entries conform to the following three requirements.
    • Sweaters must be for humans. NO PET SWEATERS.
    • Sweaters must have sleeves that reach to at least mid-bicep. NO VESTS.
    • Sweaters must have bodies (front/back) that extend below the sleeves. NO SHRUGS.
  • Only sweaters that are started, blocked, finished (including weaving in ends and sewing on buttons if applicable) and form completed within the challenge dates are eligible.
  • Completed sweaters must be validated in person by authorized personnel at The Yarn Stop.
  • One sweater may be made using yarn from stash as long as that yarn was purchased at The Yarn Stop. All other sweaters must be made with new yarn, purchased from The Yarn Stop within the challenge dates. Special Orders may be placed after May 15, 2019 and will count as challenge purchases.
  • Challenge participants will receive a discount on yarn for challenge sweaters:
    • 5% off first sweater
    • 7% off second
    • 10% off third +
  • Discounts are not stackable with any other discounts.
  • Challenge participants who successfully complete the challenge will receive a gift. Value of the gift will be based on the challenge level completed ($30-35 for 3-sweater; $50-60 for 5-sweater). Gifts will be distributed at a Challenge Celebration to be held after June 1, 2020.
  • Makers will receive ticket entries toward additional prizes at the Celebration. Tickets will be distributed based on selections on the Challenge Submission Form.
  • Updates to these rules will be posted in The Yarn Stop discussion area on Ravelry.


  1. Mary C Moore Mary C Moore

    I have been in two “pick your own project classes” since January and I am going to join the 3 sweater challenge. I am really excited to be a part of this challenge

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